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This Transparent Face Mask Is Alternative To N95

This see-through face mask is an alternative to the traditional N95 mask and lets you breathe freely while having your smile seen.

Wearable IV-Pole Gives Hospital Patients Freedom

This is the IV-Walk, a wearable intravenous system that gives hospital patients more freedom and helps speed up the recovery process.

This Portable Dam Instantly Inflates To Stop Floods

This is Water-Gate, a portable and self-rising water barrier that protects your home or property from the dangers and damage of flooding.

Cyborg Olympics For Robot-Assisted Athletes

Cybathlon is the world’s first competition for disabled athletes using robot-assisted technologies.

Self-Cleaning And Germ-Killing Revolving Public Toilet

This revolving and self-cleaning public toilet automatically sanitizes itself after each user. A very timely technology for the current changing world of sanitizing & prevention...

This Carbon Capture Plant Can Do The Work Of 40 Million Trees

Carbon Engineering has developed a new way to remove CO2 from the air and can do the work of 40 million trees.

This Recycling Robot Uses AI To Recycle Better

The Max-AI is a collaborative recycling robot that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to help humans recycle more efficiently and reliably.