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Recently I had an epiphany during one of my coaching sessions with one of my clients. I have discovered that we, as human beings are what I call “Insight” junkies. There is a distinct difference between an In-Sight and a Break-Through.

I have noticed that people often say during a self-discovery process: “I had a breakthrough,” which I now see that they meant I had an “Insight”, and that is not clearly distinguished for most.

Let me offer my limited wisdom:

I define an “In-Sight”–as a result of self-examination that is being located in temporality, like random thoughts that impact nothing. Like a revelation or an Ahhaaa..moment. You can say that insight happens by default out of a self-discovery process and does not require much effort, at least in most cases. It is an unconscious activity. It occurs in an indirect way, an unexpected turn, or my favorite: a daydream.


A “Break-Through” – happens when an “In-Sight” is being translated into actions and outcomes which ultimately causes an alteration of one’s way of operating in life in distinct, visible, noticeable and measurable ways. It is a conscious and intentional effort that requires work, i.e. actions and activities that are directed in a specific direction, a guided process inside a particular time frame.

Saying it another way, translating your “In-Sight” into action(s) creates the possibility of a “Break-Through.” Being in a state of “Break-Through” is a result or an outcome of the sum of the work that is being done in translating an “In-Sight” into reality.

An “In-sight” is no more than a memory we have. Although there is nothing wrong with having insights, it is the first state of any self-discovery process, and its usefulness will be realized only if, and when, it is being used to produce a “Break-Through.”

So what do you do from here?

  • Stop dreaming and start acting.
  • Open your Insight Inventory™ and decide which of them you would like to turn into a “Break-Through.”
  • Define how it looks when it is done and complete.
  • Create action items.
  • Put them in your TimeBank.
  • Plan your work and work your plan.

It is that simple. As long as you are clear that it is not the same, you will have the freedom to direct your life resources towards the future you need, desire or want to fulfill and to do it powerfully.

What breakthroughs are you causing?

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