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2020 Startup Founders Survey

Welcome to your 2020 Birmingham Angels - Startup Founders Survey

Inside our commitment to business excellence, we would like to get your feedback. It will help us improve our business practices moving forward. Please take a few moments to complete the survey, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Your Company
Your Name
Your Email
What is your level of satisfaction working with the Birmingham Angels team?
How do you rate the level of services you have received?
In your experience thus far, what do you see that IS working in our business practices?
In your experience thus far, what do you see that NOT working in our business practices?
Any other suggestion, feedback or recommendation you might have to help us improve?
Would you recommend other Founders to work with us?
How is Birmingham Angels different from other angel groups you have worked with?
Do you find having your data in Sidepitch helped you prepare for investors better?
Can you please write us a quote about your experience working with us so we can you for marketing purposes?


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